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Amorim Flooring products

Benefits of flooring with cork incorporated

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Cork flooring benefits

From nature, to your special space. 

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Cork is a completely natural raw material, biodegradable, renewable and recyclable.
Amorim floors are climate positive and therefore a smart and sustainable choice with endless benefits, contributing to the environment and people’s comfort and health.

Amorim floors are compliant with the strictest indoord air quality standards after being tested on over 2000 potential chemicals. That's why they are an ideal choice for any room and are safe to use in any spaces for children, whether it's your kids room or a kindergarden.
Enjoy your space with your family and friends knowing that your flooring solution of choice is safe for everyone.

Are you worried about the party your neighbor is throwing tonight? You don’t need to. Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber, due to its cellular structure, which means Amorim flooring products can easily cut the noise within a room and act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath, by reducing the walking sound. This is especially convenient in apartments or hotels, which are areas more susceptible to outer sounds. Cork flooring allows you to create a quieter ambiance in any room so you don’t have to lose sleep over play dates with your kid’s best friends or complaints from customers in your hotel due to other guest’s room parties.

Feeling discomfort from cold ceramic floors? The unique honeycomb structure of cork, composed by millions of cells filled with air, makes Amorim floors the ideal playground for children to play barefoot and yoga practitioners to enjoy a comfortable savasana. Cork floors are pleasant to touch and its thermal insulation properties keep an optimal floor temperature throughout the year, which contributes to an overall comfort.

Walking on sand is great…for a while. What if you walk on concrete? Also fine…if it’s not for too long. But what about walking on cork flooring?
Soft floors might seem comfortable at first, but in a long term they can cause fatigue and aren't easy to walk on. On the other hand, overly hard floors creates energy that moves upward towards our muscles and tendons, causing them to vibrate. This is caused by the impact of our heel on the floor. These vibrations, with time, hurt our feet, legs, lower and upper back, creating and excess of tension.
Cork is the perfect balance between too soft and too hard materials. Amorim floors reduce heel strike impacts and related body tensions, while being stable enough to help the foot impulse and provide the needed stability to reduce effort on walking and decrease body fatigue.

Cork flooring outperforms ceramic floors, laminate, linoleum or even carpet because of its elasticity and compressibility that allows it to adapt to pressure.
Cork’s cell structure is composed by millions of small cells filled with air - each cm3 has 40 million of these cells. This makes cork a much higher shock absorber, when compared to other solutions.
Therefore, Amorim floors are the obvious choice for everyday life, allowing you to focus on having fun without damaging your floor.

By using the latest technology Amorim floors combines highly realistic visuals of hardwood floors while taking advantage of all the cork benefits, the best of both worlds.
You don’t need to choose between a great looking floor or a resilient and comfortable floor, with Amorim flooring you can have both.

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